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Tips To Prevent Losing Your Car Keys

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Car keys are easy to lose or misplace. Check out a few tips on how to avoid losing your set of keys.

Losing your car keys is one of the most stressful times in the life of any driver. Simply misplacing a set of car keys could prevent you from reaching an important business meeting on time, losing a client or having your significant other pick a fight with you. Scheduling issues are the most burning matters that arise from losing a key or a fob. Unfortunately, there aren't any miraculous measures we can take to make sure we will never misplace or lose our car keys. But there are some precautions that should help you lower the risk of the dreaded event happening.

Use A Key Ringlost car keys

There are people who always waste precious time searching for their keys before heading out for work or to run errands. If you are among them, you may want to buy a bulky keychain and put it to use. Remember, the bigger, the better. You do not want your keychain to go unnoticed, which is what happens to your keys in the first place. You can also take things one step further and have them tied to an item you always carry on you, such as your wallet or purse. It should save you the trouble of having to call a car locksmith to the rescue in case your keys do get lost.

Prevention Is Key

Pun intended. Make your keys as hard to lose as possible. Choose a special spot for your car keys inside the house. Most people will choose the area in the front entrance, for easy grabbing. A transparent bowl you can stick your hand into hassle-free and pull out the keys or place them in whenever needed is also a good idea. Just make sure you do not keep your keys somewhere in plain sight of people passing by who could look through your window and notice them.

Place a small table in the hallway and put a glass bowl on it so you can constantly check if the keys are there. It's a no-brainer, but it will prove to be more effective than you might imagine. Make it a matter of a habit and you should never leave your home without being 100% sure your keys are in your hand or pocket.

You should also figure out a designated place for your keys when you are not at home. For example, use a small pocket with a zipper on it inside your purse, backpack, or briefcase. Just make sure no one else is able to see your car keys besides you – hanging them outside a bag is not a good idea. While the thought of carrying a heavy and rather bulky set of keys with you, in case the keys drop from your hands, pockets, or bags, you should be able to hear them reaching the concrete or a floor and avoid a disaster.

You could also attach glow-in-the-dark accessories to your keychain to make sure you will notice the car keys at night as well.

Use Memos 

You can place reminders on your phone or use sticky notes, reminding yourself exactly where you placed your keys the last time you used them. It might take you a while to remember these spots on your own, so do not hesitate to use small reminders.

Try A Key Tracker

There are lots of key tracking tags that feature remote controls which are genuine lifesavers. Most of these tracking gadgets come with a set of keyrings, plus a remote control. All you need to do is attach one of the key rings to the set of keys and ensure both the remote control and the key ring have working batteries.

In the event you do happen to lose your keys, you will get the chance to press the right button on the remote and hear your keys beeping for easy tracking. In case something happens with the remote control as well, you may need to call a locksmith that handles emergency car lockouts. Having a spare set of keys somewhere at the house or at your workplace should also help you get out of the pickle. An towing service in your area might also provide emergency lockout services, but they are usually more expensive than a regular locksmith - unless they are covered by your car insurance policy.

Have A Good Backup Plan

No matter how much effort you put into your attempt to keep your eyes on your keys at all times, the inevitable might happen one day. When it does, you should know exactly what to do to smooth the process. Besides using a tracker like the one previously mentioned, you could also try a wireless app tracker you can download on your smartphone. You will then need to attach your key fob to the keys and turn it on. In the event that you lose your keys, all you need to do is click on the respective app and see your keys showing up on a map.

Having a spare key you can access immediately is another smart approach to losing a car key. Talk to a reliable locksmith in town and have them cut at least one spare. Hide it somewhere you can reach without too much hassle, such as an interior pocket on the jacket you are wearing. Just remember to put the spare key back after using it for an emergency.

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