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Top 5 Luggage Trackers to Safeguard Your Bags


Given the severe global shortage of staff, airports have been losing track of many passengers’ luggage in recent months. If you are looking to take matters into your own hands and enhance the security of your personal items next time you need to travel, consider luggage trackers. These small devices could guarantee that your bags will not remain stranded in the luggage reclaim department for weeks.  Here is everything you need to know about what tag trackers are, how smart tags work, and what are the top five trackers we recommend.

What Is a Luggage Tag?luggage tags 

A luggage tracker or tag is a small-sized tracking device that can be placed on or inside a bag and used to locate the bag in real-time. These devices rely on Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and other advanced security technologies to locate your bags and connect to iPhone or Android smartphones via apps. All electronic luggage tags work by storing contact, itinerary, and flight details and using it to keep track of luggage on a 24-hour basis. Some models sound an alarm whenever your bags are no longer in the coverage range, or use nearby devices to locate your lost bags more quicker.

How to Buy the Best Smart Luggage Trackers?

When shopping for tracking tags, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Price. Prices for these devices range from $18 for a GPS Tracker for international travelers to $40 for a Bluetooth-based Apple AirTag with a built-in speaker and up to $85 or more for a Pro Bluetooth Tracker that can be used with Google Assistant for Android devices. 
  • Range. A good luggage tag should have a minimum range between 250 and 400 feet. The Apple AirTag relies on iPhones spread all across the world to easily locate lost bags at greater distances.
  • Battery. Some luggage tags require batteries to function. Some models are battery-free, while others work with expensive brands of batteries. You can find tracking tags with incorporated batteries that can last even more than two weeks, suitable for longer international travels.
  • Sturdiness. Choose a luggage tracker built from sturdy materials, preferably laminated, triple-layered materials that can protect the device while the bag is tossed around in an airport. 
  • Subscription. While not all smart luggage tags require a subscription, those that do usually provide additional features and options that make paying the monthly fees well worth it. For example, some models require users to pay a monthly fee to sound the alarm when the luggage is out of range.
  • Weatherproof properties. Search for a luggage tracker that can handle rain and other harsh weather conditions. Some devices can be safely placed into water up to 3 feet with zero risk of damage.

The Best Five Luggage Trackers to Shop For

The following order does not reflect a best-to-worst ranking for luggage tags, but rather lists some of the most popular models you can currently find on the market for various needs. Here's our top five best luggage trackers:

Best GPS Tracker With Unlimited Range - Tracki best luggage tags

Made of a mix of metal and plastic, the Tracki waterproof device is highly efficient and brings a lot of versatility to the table. It relies on rechargeable batteries that last up to five days during real-time tracking and 30 to 75 days when tracking is done up to three times a day. The device does not come with any limits on distance or the covered range. This is possible with the help of the incorporated 4G LTE technology. In exchange for a $19.95 monthly fee, users can easily trace the location of their luggage, personal items, and even cars and people. The Tracki device also features a SIM card that can be used in all locations. This luggage tag relies on WiFi and GPS satellites and sends alerts once the tracker comes across Geo-fence areas that have been previously set.

Best Tracker for Apple Users - Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag is Apple’s pioneer luggage tag launched on the market. It comes with a sturdy and compact design and it is waterproof and uses affordable batteries. This luggage tracker is based on a special ultra-wideband technology and uses a Precision Finding app that offers arrow-based guidance for lost bags. Once you get close enough to your missing luggage, you should hear the sound made by the tag. You can also ping the device by playing a sound on its built-in speaker to locate your bags quicker or ask for help from Siri. The Apple AirTag is also connected to a large Find My Network with hundreds of millions of other Apple devices that should simplify the process.

Best GPS Tracker for Real-Time Information - LandAirSea

The LandAirSea requires a $24.95 monthly fee and it uses a Lithium Ion battery. It uses 4G LTE technology and Google Maps together with the SilverCloud app for tracking lost bags and it can be easily attached to any type of luggage or personal items with the help of magnets. The tag can also be placed in hidden backpack pockets. Users can opt for email and text alerts in real-time, set up geo-fencing alerts, and receive continuous updates.

Best Value Tracker - UVO TAG

Made of plastic and stainless steel and with a mechanism that does not require a battery or subscription, the UVO Tag relies on a QR code that captures and reports the exact GPS location of your bags, keys, laptops and personal items at all times. The location is sent to you by text, voice message, or email. This luggage tag has two different trackers for extra convenience and it requires scanning by an individual who found the luggage before it can go into “found mode”.

Best Luggage Tracker for Easy Use - Dynotag

If you are looking for simplicity in use, the Dynotag model is a great choice. It does not use any batteries and it is made of durable polymer-coated steel. It uses a web browser, QR code scanning on the tag, and email notifications to help users rapidly find their missing luggage.

There are dozens of other similar luggage tracking devices available on the market right now. Consider the important factors when shopping for such a luggage tag, make a purchase, and enjoy peace of mind next time you travel.