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Kill Switch Technology For Cars & Motorcycles

In spite of  the recent advancements in security technologies incorporated by car and motorcycle manufacturers in their latest releases, it is equally important to take all the necessary prevention measures to keep potential thieves at bay. As security technology evolves, the same thing happens with professional car and motorcycle thieves’ practices. One excellent way of lowering the risk of someone stealing your car or taking off with your expensive vehicle is to install a kill switch for car security inside the car or a motorcycle kill switch mechanism attached to the side of the handlebar. These devices are easy to install and they are not usually very costly. They come in many different forms and models and knowing which one would best suit your car or motorcycle should save you from a lot of problems. Our professional car locksmiths specialize in installing, fixing, and maintaining all types of car kill switches. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with us for fast fitting or keep reading our detailed guide on how to choose the best device for your exact needs.

Why Do You Need to Install a Kill Switch for Car or Motorcycle Security?

Car owners who choose to install a kill switch in a strategic place inside or outside of their vehicles can significantly reduce the risk of theft in an affordable way. It may also, however, require basic knowledge related to car electricals. Since no security system is completely foolproof. However, installing a kill switch can add an important additional layer of security to any vehicle, motorcycles included. These devices bring owners more peace of mind, especially when having to park in neighborhoods or cities known for their high rate of vehicle theft.

Kill switches also represent good solutions for the police when used to disable cars in emergency situations, including high-speed chases or when having to force drivers off the road. Dedicated engine kill switches serve the role of theft deterrents on later models of cars that also feature anti-theft technology. Once the engine is in the off position, it will automatically lock itself and stop anyone from starting it except for when a key is used.

Kill switches also enable vehicle owners to instantly turn off the engines from outside of the car to stop anyone who might manage to break into the vehicle from driving away with the car.

How Do Automotive Kill Switches Work?

Automotive kill switches are devices that prevent vehicles from starting without permission from the rightful car or motorcycle owners. They work by cutting off the entire power supply to the engines, thus stopping potential automotive thieves from starting the car or motorcycle.

The technology behind these kill switches for car security can be operated in different ways. However, in the end, all options refer to the use of a switch. Depending on the type of kill switch you may decide to install on your vehicle, you will need to apply specific installation and operation procedures. It is also equally important to prevent simple passers-by from knowing where your kill switch is located by cleverly hiding the kill switch, minimizing the risk of someone unauthorized freely starting or cutting off the engine.

Installation is done by smoothly incorporating the vehicle’s circuit. They are easy to toggle ON and OFF to activate and deactivate the respective circuit and turn the engine on or off. In order to correctly install a kill switch immobilizer, the right connection must be completed to one of the car’s main starting parts, so as to allow the device to kill the power when in the ON position.

Types of Kill Switches for Cars and Motorcycles

If you would like to understand how a kill switch works on a car, it is important to know all the different types of kill switches that exist. Depending on their roles, you could opt for the following kill switches for vehicles:

Kill switches that cut the fuel.

These devices work by cutting off the fuel and preventing it from reaching the engine. Once the switch is toggled in the on position, drivers can start the engine as all electricals will also be on. Since there is no gas supply, the engine will not fire because of the missing gas intake. The standard form of these kill switches is that of knobs that make them more comfortable to use. One disadvantage of this model comes from the fact that the wires may sometimes not work accordingly, causing the kill switch to fail while behind the wheel and eventually causing the fuel pump to suddenly die.

Remote car engine kill switch

These options are similar to kill switches for disconnecting batteries. However, they feature an extra alternative for remote controls. Owners can switch between the on and off position of the kill switch using their remote, thus allowing them to get better control of their cars without being physically present in the car.

Battery disconnecting kill switches battery disconnecting kill switch

These devices enable vehicle owners to disconnect the battery, thus preventing potential thieves from starting the car and taking off with it. These types of kill switches need to be installed into the position of the negative connector which must be removed in turn. When in the on position, they will not allow any power to be delivered to the electrical parts, preventing the engine from being cranked.

The same devices can be fit into the terminal of the battery or in an easily reachable location by drawing a wire inside the vehicle. One drawback of these battery disconnecting kill switches is that they will lose memory when the battery will stay disconnected, forcing drivers to reset their radio stations, time, and other options.

Ignition wiring kill switch devices

These devices enable owners to instantly turn the ignition system on and off when needed. Installation requires cutting the ignition wire and connecting both ends to a kill switch using a connector. As expected, since wire cutting is required and this could jeopardize the integrity of the car, installation is likely to void the car’s warranty. It is best to hire professional locksmiths to handle the installation of ignition wiring kill switches to benefit from a hassle-free experience and the best results.

One con of these devices comes from the fact that they are likely to create more problems with other electrical systems inside the car, such as headlights and airbags when installed too close to them.

Motorcycle kill switches

These safety mechanism buttons are usually colored in red and placed on the right side of the handlebar of a motorcycle, serving the purpose of immediately shutting down the engine and switching it back on without asking riders to use their keys to do that. The switch cuts OFF the engine, therefore allowing riders to switch the engine to the on and off position without having to lift their hands from the throttle to do it.

In conclusion, now that you are aware of how kill switches work and who installs them in cars, focus on finding the best kill switch near me service for your car or motorcycle, and let the pros handle the installation to avoid any unpleasant accidents. All you're left to do is to choose the most suitable location where you can hide the kill switch, so you can prevent thieves from having easy access to it. For any further questions or practical help with installation, give us a call!