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Car Theft Prevention Tips

car theft

Keeping your vehicle safe and secure doesn’t have to cost you a penny! These car theft protection tips can help keep your car more protected than ever.  

Keep it in Your Garage

Many Americans would rather use their garage space to store things in, but we recommend using it to park your car in if you can, as it’ll ensure that your car is out of view of thieving eyes. Car thieves are opportunists. If they see your car and it looks like an easy mark, they will try to take it. Make sure your garage is properly protected at all times by having one of our home locksmiths install a secure garage door lock on your garage. 

Park Smartly 

If you need to park your car on the street, do it smartly. It might seem like a good idea to conceal your car by parking it in a dark, quiet street corner, but in reality, the opposite is true. You want to park your car in a populated area, where there is a lot of foot traffic. In some way, potential catalytic converter thieves will be dissuaded from their task. The thing that criminals fear most is getting caught!

Install a Dash Cam

One of the smartest moves you can make to protect your vehicle is to install a quality dash cam.  It is important that the camera has the functionality to be actively recording movement around your car even when it is parked with no one present.  

Disable the Steering Wheel 

A car can’t drive without a working steering wheel. You can choose to use a steering lock or club to prevent your car from being able to be driven. Another option you can try if you need to park your car in an unsafe area is to actually take your steering wheel with you wherever you go so that no one will be able to drive off with your car. This method works well, because not only does it prevent people from driving off with your vehicle, but it stops those peeking into your car as well when they see there is no steering it'll dissuade them from even trying to break-in which will help prevent car thefts from happening. 

Long Term Car Parks

car theaftShould you need to park your vehicle in a long-term airport parking lot, you might want to rethink this option. Long term parking is like hitting the jackpot for car thieves. It is a place they can go where there is very little supervision and many options to choose from. If you plan on parking in a long term car park, the very least you can do is disconnect your car’s battery so that seems like your car isn’t in great condition. It’ll make your vehicle seem less valuable and thieves won’t want to steal it.

Say No to Valet Parking

People tend to think of valet parking as being the most convenient and exclusive way to park their cars. It might very well be convenient and classy, but it is also a great way to get your vehicle or its contents stolen. Think about who exactly valet drivers are. They are often young teens who’ve only been driving for a little while. Would you give your diamond ring to a total stranger to watch for you? I didn’t think so, so why are people so eager to hand over their car and car keys to just anyone. Most establishments don’t take any responsibility for things stolen (including cars) from their customers. Try avoiding valet parking whenever you can.

Hide Your Purse

This one is really important! Don’t leave your purse, laptop case, or workbag lying in the backseat of your car. It’ll be visible to anyone passing by, and they might decide to break your car window, grab it, and run. While we’re on the subject, it is recommended that you keep work files, GPS systems and any suitcases you have in the trunk of your car, better be safe than sorry.