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Everything You Need To Know About Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are special motor vehicle security devices that can deter potential thieves and prevent vehicles from being towed away. The best wheel clamps are made of sturdy materials and they do a good job at stopping the 260-degree rotating moves of a vehicle's wheels without causing any damage to the car. Let' find out more about the way these motor vehicle wheel clamps work and what are the best!

How To Use A Wheel Clamp

Also known as car immobilizers, wheel clamps are found in a number of different configurations and they all work by enclosing the wheels using a Y-shaped brace that consists of the main arm, as well as two arms that swing and the central faceplate. The faceplate is actually the one that will prevent potential thieves from getting access to the wheel nuts and taking them down.  The central faceplate is also the shield that protects the locking system from any form of tampering.  The main arms of the clamp can usually be purchased separately and they are used to prevent the wheels from moving in reverse. They will also get inside the locksmith mechanism and enclose it before it is secured by a bolt.  The swinging arms rotate from the middle plate and they are hooked around the tires in such a way so they create a brace with three points. Some wheel clamps are sold with extendable or retractable swing arms for enhanced versatility and better compatibility with more models of car wheels.

What Are The Best Wheel Clamps For Your Motor Vehicle?

Tested and Vetted Wheel Clamps

Also known as wheel or parking boots, wheel clamps should carry a certificate from an authorized body that will let you know the device complies with the highest industry standards. While there were around 25 wheel clamp patents released to the public between 1914 and 1925, modern-day clamps as we know them today were initially called auto immobilizers and were invented a few years later, in 1944 and they received their patent in 1958. It was the Denver police that first got to use the first car immobilizer in 1955 and its main use was that of punishing drivers who had parked in illegal places, instead of towing the cars. This continues to be one of the primary purposes of these devices today, and car owners that are now using them as a means of deterring potential thieves should look for police-approved devices for more peace of mind.

Wheel Clamps Compatible With Your Vehicle

There are various factors that will determine whether a wheel clamp is compatible with your vehicle or not. They range from the width of a tire to their size. While there are universal wheel clamps that will normally fit most types of vehicles, RVs, motor home, and cars included, you should always double-check your measurements and check the features of the clamps so you know you will make the right choice. You should have no problem finding wheel clamps that measure as much as 10.65-inch in width, for instance, but if you are driving a bigger truck, you should search for the right size for your new wheel clamps.

Sturdiness and Anti-Tampering Features

A good wheel clamp is also one that can withstand a force as big as 3500lbs or more for some devices. You will want to make sure that the clamps will not break when subject to various picking and breaking attempts with saws and cutters.

wheel clamps

Bright Colors

A motor vehicle wheel clamp that is colored in bright shades like yellow, green, or red will immediately grab the attention of opportunist thieves looking for their next victims. Lots of them will be discouraged and, therefore deterred at the mere sight of these security devices, and they will move on to vehicles with less strict security measures onboard. Bring colored wheel clamps are, therefore, visual deterrents as well as physical barriers that should keep theft attempts at a minimum.

Ease of Use

The ease at which you can install, manipulate, and store a motor vehicle wheel clamp will also make a huge difference in deciding which model to invest in. The setup mechanism and the way the clamps can be attached to the wheels and uninstalled should be easy to understand and ut into practice by even the least experienced drivers.  Keep in mind that some wheel clamps may have poor quality locking pins or they might feature keys that are more difficult to use or that bend easily, especially when new. 

Pick Proof Locks

Another important aspect to consider when investing in a wheel clamp for your motor vehicle is related to the pick-proof features of the lock. A device that is made of sturdy hardened steel will make picking difficult using simple lock picking tools or hacksawing attempts. Make sure you to for a model that is sold with at least three keys for more convenience.  Finally, chose a mode that has arches so you can use it for your motor home or camper van or for whenever you need to tow a vehicle. If you are driving a 4x4 vehicle, see that you opt for a model that is not very bulky.  If you are looking for professional advice on the best models to consider buying, contact our professional team of car locksmiths and let us assist you with the most pertinent advice and practical, hands-on experience at affordable prices.