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Motor Home Locks And RV Security Systems

The security of an RV or a motor home should be an ongoing concern for their owners and not just a temporary problem. Motor home locks are used to not only keep you and your family safe when traveling and spending the night on the road, into the woods, or in a dedicated camping site for RVs but also to lower the insurance premium and give you more peace of mind.  Most RVs come with rigs with identical locks on their cabinets and doors and factory door locks are keyed the same way. His means that anyone who holds on to a matching key could easily unlock the doors or cabinets on your RV. Keys can get easily stolen or lost, especially at RV camping lots. This is why it is important to have the locks changed with the help of professional locksmiths who specialize in automotive services.

locked out of my RV

By replacing a generic and universal lock with a branded alternative with better protective features, you should keep your motor home safe from the hands of opportunist thieves. If you do not know which RV locks and motor home security systems would best fit your needs and budget, these next lines should come in handy.

Types Of RV Locks to Shop For

If you are more interested in the classic or standard lock for RVs that you can manipulate with a simple metal lock or a keypad lock with a unique code you will need to memorize, there are tons of solid options out there. It all depends on the level of protection you are seeking, the money you are willing to spend on the lock, and the things you wish to achieve by using these locks. Some people are more interested in lowering their insurance premium, others want to be able to carry expensive music gear, laptops, and other similar items in their campervans while traveling across the country, and so on.

There are also locks for RVs that can be controlled with the help of remote control key fobs, so it basically depends on your willingness to step into the future and start using a more complex lock. There are also security systems that work with backup deadbolts and keys that can be used in case the smart mechanism breaks pr you are unable to remember the right combination.  Such a keypad lock will allow you to leave your motor home without having to worry about taking a key along. This will help you get rid of the stress of possibly losing your key or having it stolen from you. These keypad locks are also illuminated in the dark, which means you will have an easier time returning home at night and getting into your RV.

Remote control key fobs are also useful when you are carrying your luggage, hunting or fishing gear, or any other packages you might need to carry in and out of your motor home. These locks are also extremely sturdy, which makes them more reliable in case of theft attempts.  Since you will need to program the keypad on such a lock, we strongly suggest you hire a professional locksmith for this. Replacing a standard lock on a motor home door or cabinet with a keypad lock is not very difficult, but it does require certain skills and knowledge that you might simply not have. Do not risk programming the keypad lock the wrong way, as it would jeopardize your security and compromise your protection. Only work with authorized and experienced locksmith technicians with experience working with RV locks.

Keyless RV locks with keypads and fobs should have a very sleek design and it should be made of sturdy materials. Make sure you choose a model that can properly lock and unlock the door in spite of a low battery warning. Provided the batteries have not been replaced on time, you should still be able to control the lock. Opt for a model that has a sturdy weather-resistant coating that can keep water and direct sunlight away from the lock mechanism.

Tubular cam locks are also a good alternative for an RV's storage compartment. Choose one that comes with four locks and at least one pair of keys. The main drawback of this storage compartment lock is the fact that you may need to turn them in the locked position so you can remove the key.  Trailer locks with built-in deadbolts are also good options that can ensure higher levels of security for cargo haulers, utility trailers, or RV. Make sure you carefully measure the cut-outs on the holes of the locks and check how thick the door is, so you can be certain that you will buy the matching locks.  A lock featuring a panic-proof knob on the inside that can be used for both traditional and types of configurations are also choices for an RV.

Other Types Of RV Security Systems

A smart security sensor that will illuminate once the heat and motion photocell sensors will be triggered is also a good thief deterrent for a motor home.  A wireless security camera with motion sensors will also allow you to immediately detect any animal or other people around the RVs, while ignoring any natural movements from trees or any natural light changes throughout the way. Choose a model that sends real-time notifications whenever real visitors are nearby and that has a system that features two-way audio and an alarm siren that will let you communicate with your loved ones or deter strangers away with the alarm siren.