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Best New Anti-Theft Devices to Install in Your Car

No matter which US state you live in or what model you might be driving, your car is still at risk of behind stolen or broken into. If you are currently looking for some smart car security solutions, we have prepared a comprehensive list of tested anti-theft devices for cars that we would like to recommend to you.

Find out what are the best anti-theft devices and learn how to use them to enjoy enhanced protection and more peace of mind when your vehicle is parked somewhere. Ranging from car alarm systems to steering wheel locks, wheel clamps, kill switches, and car key protectors, we have covered the freshest anti-theft devices you can currently find on the market.

1. Steering Wheel Locks

best steering wheel locksWhile some might consider them outdated, steering wheel locks continue to be one of the most efficient car anti-theft devices with a proven track record of protecting cars from theft over the years.

Why Choose Steering Wheel Locks?

Their simple mechanism allows them to efficiently lock the steering wheel into place and stop it from turning. While they may not prevent potential thieves from actually breaking into the car, they are good deterrents that can make neighborhood car thieves change their minds. Some of the most popular steering wheel lock models are rod-type devices with elongated bars. They generate a barrier that stops the steering wheel from moving freely. Installation takes a few minutes and some models feature hooks that need to be attached to the sides of the steering wheel and stretched across the horizontal. Other versions extend from the wheel all the way to the brake pedal.

The Best Steering Wheel Locks We Recommend

The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock is one of the best steering wheel locks on the market. Its chrome-steel body, reinforced lock housing, and universal fit unit make it a suitable choice for most vehicles. As a con, we can mention the fact that the lock can be picked by seasoned car thieves.

The FLK Tech Universal Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock is an affordable option for drivers looking for a different approach to the standard lock bar. This model locks onto the top of the steering wheel using a bar that is jutted out over the dashboard. In turn, this considerably limits the range of motion of the steering wheel. Thanks to its small dimensions, simplicity of use, and affordable price tag make it an excellent model for lots of car owners. As a downside, the lock’s universal fit feature is not suitable for all types, sizes, and shapes of steering wheels. Also, the plastic piece that needs to be attached to the wheel is likely to crack and break in time.

2. Wheel Clamps for Car Tires

Oftentimes referred to as “The Boot”, wheel clamps are a common solution used by law enforcement officers to crack down on illegal parking. In the past years, they have turned into popular options for car owners thanks to their excellent potential.

Why Choose Wheel Clamps?

When attached to the tires, wheel clamps prevent them from turning more than a few inches, until the clamp reaches the ground. When this occurs, the clamps completely immobilize the vehicle and stop it from moving. While criminals might still break into the car and start the engine, they will not be able to take off with the car.

The Best Steering Wheel Clamps We Recommend

Maypole MP9075 is a universal and adjustable wheel clamp that features a set of keys. This model is compatible with tires ranging from 175 to 225mm in width. Some of its greatest pros are the compact design, robust construction made of steel, and soft PVC coating that stops the wheels from being damaged. As a con, the Maypole model might not will all 225mm tires.

The GADLANE Wheel Clamp is a heavy-duty tire lock featuring three keys. The “car locksmith anti-theft device is compatible with all 7-11" width tires and it is suitable for standard cars, caravans, motorhomes, trailers, and vans. While it might not be as sturdy as the more expensive alternatives on the market, this wheel clamp model is still a good visual deterrent for opportunist thieves.

3. Kill Switches - the Best Car Anti-Theft Devices

Our top pick in terms of the best car anti-theft devices is kill switches. These devices work by preventing the car from starting, thus stopping potential carjacking attempts.

Why Choose Kill Switches?

They do a good job of disrupting the electrical connection to the ignition switch, the car’s battery, or the fuel pump. Once the switch is turned ON, the power gets cut off from the respective component that it is tied to, preventing the vehicle from starting. To make the car run again, drivers need to flip the switch to the OFF position. This must be done manually. For best results, the switch needs to be placed in an inconspicuous location that is also easy to access whenever needed. Usually, the dashboard or the area underneath a seat should suffice.

If you are looking for DIY car anti-theft devices with fast and easy installation, a kill switch might not be the best choice for you. Compared to other DIY projects for different anti-theft devices for cars, some of these switches require more work and effort. Nonetheless, installing just one switch should do the job and secure your vehicle in the long term.

Best Kill Switch Devices We Recommend

The EKYLIN Car Remote Control Battery Switch is one of the best car theft protection kill switch options. It works as a master kill switch that can shut down the power from the battery. This means cutting the entire power supply. The same device can be used to stop the battery from draining and it features its own connecting kit that does not require cutting the original cable of the battery for installation. It also comes with a remote control and it comes with easy installation since it is a plug-and-play type of device. When installed the wrong way, however, this model could result in battery short-circuit.

Oregon 07-403 Inline Fuel Shut Off is a switch kill model that needs to be installed on the pipe that enables fuel to reach the engine and start the car. After installation, a simple turn of the knob will control the device. When the kill switch is engaged, it works by blocking the passage of fuel to the engine. It can also prevent clogging in the carburetor. As a con, it is not compatible with boats and bikes.

4. GPS Tracking Devices

A GPS tracking device is considered the best anti theft device for car insurance by many drivers when used together with other similar anti-theft devices. By installing such a device, car owners can easily track down their vehicles in case a thief managed to take off with it.

Why Choose Them?

These devices send real-time data to car owners’ smartphones with the detailed location of their cars that can be used by the authorities to catch the thieves and safely retrieve the car. Installation is usually smooth and quick as most of these devices can be usually plugged in straight into the vehicle’s OBD2 or diagnostic port underneath the driver’s side dash. Advanced models allow drivers to also immobilize their vehicle if someone attempts to steal it.

Best GPS Tracking Devices We Recommend

Cube Tracker’s GPS comes with a slick design and excellent functions. It can be used on vehicles in real-time and it can be controlled using smartphones. It is sold with a North American SIM card and uses a mix of cell tower triangulation, GPS, and Wi-Fi. The same model can be used to set up Geo-Fence alerts using the dedicated tracking mobile app and send custom messages to friends or relatives with the help of a programmable button placed behind the tracker. The compact design of this tracker might not be appealing to all car owners.

Tracki 2022 model 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker is an excellent option for owners searching for a long-range and trustworthy tracker. It is compatible with Android and iOS and displays the location in Google Street View format. It is sold with clip and waterproof covers and a rechargeable battery that can last up to five days, offering reliable support in remote areas. The design of this model might also be considered a drawback by some users.

These are just some of the best anti-theft device types that we recommend you try if you wish to increase the protection of your vehicle and prevent it from falling victim to a thief. For additional tips and practical help, get in touch with our professional car locksmiths.