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Tips to Protect and Secure a Classic Car

classic car security guide

While classic cars are stolen less often compared to standard vehicles, when it does occur, the main culprit is improper security. This is why we have compiled a quick guide on how to increase security for classic cars without interfering with the original features of these precious vehicles. These cars are often considered the most valuable and irreplaceable possessions of their owners.

Lock Them Up!

It might sound like a no-brainer, but the same concerning statistics valid for standard cars are also true for classic vehicles. Most cases of car theft occur when owners forget to lock their vehicles when parked or take their keys with them when leaving the vehicle. Many classic car theft cases also occur when their owners choose to leave a hidden set of keys somewhere on the vehicle or around it, making the criminals’ jobs even easier. Make a habit of always locking all the doors and the trunk and safely guarding your keys once your car is parked.

Replace the Locks on Your Vintage Car

Change the locks that are too worn out to do the job they were intended to do. While this might defy the purpose of owning a vintage vehicle, failing to do it will most definitely make your car more vulnerable to the hands of potential thieves. Look for a suitable lock that can prevent seasoned thieves from using tryout keys that can be easily purchased by any individual and used to simply open a large number of classic cars. It is important to focus on lock cylinders from reputable manufacturers that can offer the same key cut as the one of the previous locks. We strongly recommend you closely work with professional locksmiths when shopping for new sets of locks for a vintage car, as well as for installing them. This should help maintain the authentic classic aesthetics of the vehicle, while adding additional layers of security to it. An experienced locksmith will know exactly how to re-pin the cylinder or replace the car ignition cylinder that uses the same key as the cylinder on the door’s lock.

Add Protection to the Car Windows

Most people choose to preserve their classic cars in well-secured garages and rarely take them out for a drive. However, owners who also like to enjoy their precious vehicles on the road should pay close attention to the parking areas they opt for. Parking lots with no manned protection, poor lighting conditions at night, and no security cameras should be avoided at all costs. Choosing the ideal parking spot does not offer a guarantee, as your car is still prone to being stolen or broken into. Window breaking is a common method used by most opportunist thieves looking for quick in-and-out access to the car when they cannot use a key or a lock-picking tool. Seasoned thieves that target vintage cars usually rely on window punches as a way of quickly shattering a window on the spot and with minimal noise.

A good answer to the question “how to protect a classic car from theft?” is to replace the standard glass on your classic car with premium quality security glass. Just make sure that you find the right window dimensions for your exact car model or consider using security window film and placing it over the glass as a suitable alternative. The security film will serve the same purpose as the new security glass, which protects the windows from being shattered.

Fit a Classic Car Kill Switch

Opt for a quality battery power kill switch that can effectively cut power from the battery and prevent any hotwiring attempt. Provided a criminal manages to turn on the engine, the kill switch will stop any power supply to reach the ignition source. We recommend you to get in touch with our expert car locksmiths and ask for professional help, especially If you do not know how to choose the most reliable kill switch devices and the best inline components, or have no experience on how to wire the switch into the system. Make sure to fit the switch in a well-hidden area inside the vehicle and avoid obvious spots including the bottom of the dash. For this, it might be necessary to consider cutting into the base vehicle or replacing it.

Install a Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks work as excellent visual deterrents for most car thieves targeting classic vehicles. Just make sure that you opt for a steering wheel lock that covers the entire wheel. Consider removing the steering wheel when parked somewhere for a longer period of time or overnight. This way, the car will become impossible to drive off for potential thieves. Nonetheless, experienced thieves that specialize in vintage cars may attempt to use their own steering wheel to fix this problem or rely on a flatbed or tow truck to take off with your parked vehicle.

Fit the Best Classic Car Security System and GPS Tracker

Consider installing a noisy car alarm in your classic vehicle to lower the risk of having your vehicle stolen. These alarms can be easily fitted beneath the seats or hidden inside the glove compartment either with or without connectivity to the power system of the vehicle. Choose a quality car alarm model with LED lights and rely on their functions to scare off any potential thieves. Fit a GPS tracker that requires little to no wiring if you are looking for the least invasive solution possible.

Use several of our recommendations and benefit from extra layers of protection for your vintage car. For more ideas or practical help with fitting new locks or cutting duplicate keys, be sure to get in touch with our experts.