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Tips For Improved Security In Your Apartment Building

Whether you have recently moved into a new apartment building and are looking for ways to boost your security, or someone you know has fallen victim to a burglary, you need to know what to do to lower your risk for future break-ins. We have created this expert guide that should help you enjoy more peace of mind while making sure you, your household, and your prized possessions will stay out of harm’s way.

How Can You Secure Your Apartment from Burglary?

1. Inspect the Building

First things first, start by knowing a few things about the security of the apartment building you plan on moving in. Do a brief inspection and search for any potential hazards and dangers. Determine if there are any security measures in place, including CCTV cameras on the stairways, intercom systems, entrance looks, remote unlocking, and security lights. 

Make sure you also visit the complex at night prior to moving there so you can establish its degree of safety, especially when reaching it from the parking lot. Remember it is possible to use dedicated neighborhood safety tools and websites that can inform you of any high crime rates in the neighborhood. While you may not need to personally know how to improve building security, you may want to address your   

2. Check and Upgrade the Locks on Your Apartment Door

Now, it is time to take a look at the lock on your front door. If you have purchased the apartment, you will have complete freedom to replace the locks whenever you need to. If you are a tenant, you will need to first consult your landlord and see if you can upgrade the current security locks. 

  • best No duplicates in the wrong hands
    By upgrading the lock on the front door, you will, first of all, make sure there are no duplicates of your current set of keys in the hands of former tenants or someone else. This automatically you will gain more control over who can get easy access to your apartment. You can do this by either re-keying the lock to render the old keys useless, or by having a new lock installed, preferably a Kwikset 980 for apartments, Schlage B81626 if you are looking for the best non-keyed lock, or Addalock if you are on a tight budget.
  • Strengthened security
    By fitting a deadbolt, you will also add an additional layer of security to your apartment. 
  • Advanced access control
    You could also opt for the smart lock alternative, either in the standard or rental-friendly version. These locks allow you to constantly track and control the rest of the people you are sharing the apartment with when going in and out while letting you easily share virtual keys with multiple owners. Wyze Lock, Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, and August WiFi Smart Lock are some of the best models to consider right now. 

If you don't know a thing about how to assess an apartment security lock, determine its type, or replace or rekey it, then hire the services of an expert locksmith. You will not only receive the best guidance based on rich know-how and experience, but you should also benefit from fast, safe, and efficient services.

3. Set Up a Security System

Apartments can also benefit from the perks of fitting a security alarm system. These represent the best apartment security devices that you could invest in if you are truly looking to sleep more peacefully at night or go on vacation knowing your home is well protected against potential burglaries. Take a look at a few different security systems for apartments and focus on models that are dedicated to renter-friendly options if this is your particular case. These usually include adhesive attachments or wireless solutions. You could also decide to install sensors on the doors or windows as well as cameras at the front door.

4. Invest in a Door Security Bar

If the option of upgrading the locks is not valid for you, or in case you would like to use an additional layer of security, you could also consider purchasing a door hammer. Also known as door security bars, these devices are efficiently angled between the floor and the doorknob, preventing potential burglars from trying to use their force to get in from fulfilling their plans.

5. Pay Attention to the Sliding Doors

If you also have a sliding door inside your apartment, you may also want to consider investing in a security bar for added protection against break-in attempts. Since most latches on sliding doors are known to offer weaker protection compared to standard door locks, you may want to insert a wooden or metal rod within the bottom door track. This way, you will stop the door from being slid open.

6. Secure Your Windows and Install Window Treatments

Protect the security of your windows while preventing potential intruders from sneaking into your home by keeping your windows closed and locked at all times, especially when you are away. While most windows feature a pair of small-keyed locks that enable you to secure them, it is also possible to add locks to your windows if they are missing the locks. Again, you will need to have a conversation with your landlord or contact the leasing office and see if they can personally handle this for you instead. Keep in mind you can opt for a series of window security lock models that are not permanent and which are suitable for rental apartments. Keep your curtains closed especially when it is dark outside and passers-by could easily sneak a peek inside where the lights are on, scoping out your prizes possessions. If you the curtains whenever you are away or at nighttime.

7. Purchase Renters Insurance

In spite of taking several enhanced security measures for apartment doors, unfortunate events such as break-in attempts and burglaries can still happen. This is why we advise you not to ignore renters insurance. Unlike the standard landlord insurance that only covers the apartment building, renters insurance covers your personal property including electronics, clothes, furniture, possessions, and anything else that might get damaged or stolen as a result of a burglary or a natural disaster. The same type of insurance also effectively covers medical costs and liabilities in case of visitors injure themselves while inside your apartment. The low monthly price and the numerous benefits that come with having renters insurance are definitely worth the investment. 

A Few Final Words

While moving into a new apartment can feel equally stressful and exciting, it is essential to get properly acquainted with your new home and the overall apartment building so you know what to expect. While apartment security responsibility may also fall into the hands of landlords, it is essential that you as a tenant do all the small things needed to increase security, eliminate all potential hazards and ultimately lower the risk of falling victim to a burglary. If you have purchased an apartment and you are the sole owner of it, you might want to take a look at some of the best smart lock systems and security alarm systems on the market that includes surveillance cameras, video doorbells, and motion sensors.   

Make sure to carefully browse our related home security resources to find out what else can you do to feel and be safer in your new home.