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Professional Office Security Options

We provide a myriad of professional office security options to keep your business and employees safe. Our expert commercial locksmith services are available 24/7. Each office has its own specific security needs, so call upon our commercial locksmiths for the best office security solutions around.

For those who own a business, you know just how important office security is. Currently, you never know what can happen and it can be downright scary. There will be times when you turn on the television and the world news will scare you. You will often wonder if your business and employees are being protected as they should be.

office security servicesOur commercial locksmiths assist with:

  • Office lock installation
  • Office key cards
  • Push panic bars
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Security cameras
  • Commercial alarms
  • Window locks for office

Speak with a reputable locksmith company to make sure your office security is up to par. The last thing any business owner wants is to have something happen at the office that could have been prevented. Business owners have more to worry about today than ever before.

Sturdy Door Locks

No employee is going to feel safe if people can just walk in and out of the business office. The people working will always be looking up to see who is entering the building. As an employer, you cannot blame people for wanting to know who is entering and exiting the area. The best way to help your employees feel safe is to install sturdy locks on all doors leading to and from the outside.

Office Key Cards

Key cards locks can be installed and only those with authorized access can enter the building. This is the first step in helping your employees feel safe and secure. All keycards should have a current picture of the employee and the full name. Contractors who frequently visit should also have access to key cards.

Push Panic Bar Installs

Push bars are often overlooked when offices upgrade their security, but these devices are literally lifesavers! In any kind of emergency, these allow people to exit the office quickly and without needing keys, locks or employee cards. They also won't allow anyone to enter from the outside and you'd be surprised at how easily and affordably they can be installed by our professional locksmiths!

High security keypad lock systemFiling Cabinet Locks

Your filing cabinets contain some of the most sensitive documents in the office, including your future product plans, the hard copies of your employee's payslips and your tax files. Make sure your filing cabinet locks are secure, up to date and we recommend you have the lock rekeyed or replaced on a regular basis. 

Security Cameras

Security cameras should be installed both inside and outside your office. In a well-run business, security cameras are not only a security measure to ensure no 'burglars in the night' enter your office to steal, but are also there to make sure your employees are working hard, not goofing off and not taking home any 'extra' income themselves.

I n the worst case scenario, if something goes missing from the office, your security cameras will let you know the difference between a false accusation and a false employee! 

Business Security Alarm Systems

There are so many different kinds of alarm systems available these days that it's hard to choose the right one for your office's requirements. The most expensive business alarm won't necessarily be the best alarm for you, just like the cheapest alarm may not be as unreliable as the untrained eye might suspect. Call in our professional commercial locksmiths and we can not only recommend a range of alarm systems that would suit your property, we can also help you identify the advantages and disadvantages of each option so you can make an informed decision.

We can even install the alarm system for you and make sure every window, door or emergency exit is properly connected and secure.

Window Locks for Offices

The lack of properly working window security systems accounts for more than 30% of all break-ins. Those who are looking to break into a building know that the lack of security will carry over to the windows. Most people remember to lock the doors, but many forget to double check the windows in and around the office area.

There are two main ways that businesses secure their windows. There are window bars that keep intruders out and there are window alarms. The window bars are permanent and cannot be removed. The permanent bars are not the best option if the business owner wants to use the windows for anything. This is where having the windows alarmed will work much better. Window alarm systems vary in price and this can be discussed with the locksmith who will be installing and maintaining the security system.

Security Personnel

Get proper security with professional locksmithsAnother security option is to hire employees or an outside firm to provide security. This form of security has become very popular in recent years. Security personnel will be able to keep track of who is entering and exiting the office area and field any questions from outsiders. If there is an individual causing a disruption, the security team and authorities are able to handle it together. Security teams can keep logs of those coming and going which can be reviewed regularly.

Investing in a Professional Business Locksmith

There have been so many incidents of disgruntled employees and those just looking to cause others harm. For this reason, it is a good idea to avail yourself of professional office security services. There are numerous ways to help keep your business and your employees safe from intruders. The security that you put into your company will come back in ways that you never expected.

Your employees will be thankful that you are watching out for their well-being. Employees that feel safe will actually be able to concentrate on their work and make your company more profitable. Your employees and guests visiting the business will know just how valuable they are to you and your company.

The best move that a business owner can make is to invest in a professional office locksmith. There are so many businesses out there that spend thousands of dollars on security equipment that should cost half the price. The truth of the matter is that many do not think to hire expert locksmiths. This can be one of the best moves for your business and employee security.

Our commercial locksmith experts are here to help you and your employees feel secure and safe.